2006 with Clara and Anton

2009 on Jakobsweg

  Short biography
  Falk Zenker, born in 1967 in Mittweida in Saxony (then East Germany), studied concert guitar and jazz at the Weimar Conservatory. He focused on flamenco (in Andalusia) and world music, medieval music (at the Benedictine monastery in Plankstetten) and electro-acoustical music (SeaM Weimar). In the 1990s, he toured Germany and other countries with Oscar Andrade (from Chile), amongst others, and the Trio Romero (flamenco, in Spain and Germany).
He currently lives and works in Kapellendorf near Weimar, writes soundtracks for films and television, music for the stage, produces sound installations and multi-art projects. He concertizes regularly with, amongst others, his Ensemble Nu:n (medieval music and modern improvisation), released the CD "Salutare" (2006) and Estampie (2014) with Raumklang. Since 1997, Falk Zenker has been giving solo concerts and has so far released the CDs "Landschaften"/ "Landscapes" (2000), "Cinema" (2002), "Gedankenreise"/ "AJourney Of Thoughts" (2009) and "Falkenflug"/"Falcon´s Flight (2017) with Acoustic Music.


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