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Falk Zenker "Estampie" Gitarre Solo - 2014 Ensemble Nu:n-CD "Estampie" - 2014 Ensemble Nu:n-CD "Salutare" - 2006
Kinderhörspiel-CD "Gritta" - 2011 CD Oscar Andrade "Desde la luz" - 1996


CD Falkenflug

2017, Acoustic Music Records 319.1566.2

CD „Falkenflug“

New solo CD 2017 Acoustic Music Records

Falk Zenker
-  solo guitar & live looping
  1. September By The Sea 5:24 
  2. Falcon´s Flight 6:50
  3. A Good Moment 6:30
  4. O plangens vox/ Hilde´s Dream 7:03
  5. Over Treetops 1:09
  6. Flower In The Dust 3:50
  7. German Folk Song/ Green Fog Light 5:33
  8. Sharing Joy 2:49
  9. Train of Thought 0:50
10. Left Behind 5:35 
11. Kissing Heaven 7:54
12. The Sun Mantra  2:14  

All compositions by Falk Zenker except
Track 4 Introduction: „O plangens vox“ by Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179) 
Track 7 “Es geht ein dunkle Wolk herein“: German Folk Song (16th century)  

produced by Falk Zenker and Peter Finger  

All tracks are available as Hi-Res audio files from

With Falkenflug (Falcon’s Flight), Falk Zenker has produced his fourth solo album. The title is a perfect fit. Because Zenker’s music is like the flight of a falcon. Playfully, he explores all the possibilities of the guitar, he stalks, watches, and strikes suddenly with great speed, dynamically and with skillful turns. This experienced guitar player creates his own sounds not only with his technical and deeply emotional performance. He also expands his aural spectrum by using various additional sound effects, generating percussive elements with his guitar, sampling them, and skillfully using live looping and to weave them back into a steadily densifying sound fabric. When you decide to take off with the Falcon's Flight, Zenker will whisk you away to heavenly sounds, open new perspectives and expand your musical vistas.

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CD Estampie

Raumklang/ Deutschlandradio Kultur 2014, RK 3307

CD Ensemble Nu:n „Estampie“

A new interpretation of the oldest preserved instrumental music of the Occident, , Estampies Royales, France 1300

Released at Raumklang 2014 

Falk Zenker - guitar
Gert Anklam - saxophones
Nora Thiele - percussion

  1. La Prime Estampie Royal   5. La Quinte Estampie Real
  2. La Seconde Estampie Royal   6. La Sexte Estampie Real
  3. La Tierche Estampie Royal   7. La Septime Estampie Real
  4. La Quarte Estampie Royal   8. La Uitime Estampie Real

Recorded by "Deutschlandradio Kultur" 11th til 14th March 2013 Siemensvilla Berlin.

Video Making-of (Salar Ghazi)

The courtly dances of the french „Manuscript du Roi“ date back to the 13th century and are the oldest existing instrumental music of the Occident. Nu:n delivers them with a spirited improvisational flair and sensitive talkativity into the here and now.

"An inspired and refined crossover of traditional, jazz and world music.... so the musicians masterfully bridge the historical 700 year gap with playful effortlessness." DRadio Kultur, Holger Beythien, March 14

"First rises the scent of the Orient from the century old parchment, then flourish the sounds of flamenco, then modal Jazz. Had the knights of the „Chansonnier du Roi“ known the ensemble nu:n, they would have ceased to stamp their Estampien, cast aside their swords and armour and merely chilled." BR Klassik, Torsten Preuß, July 14

"Subtle chamber music which in its diversity and timelessness refuses classification. Here three experts meet to unconstrainedly create anew." Jazzthetik, Guido Diesing, 05/06 14

"The balancing act between early music, Folk and improvised Jazz is  superbly achieved ... After Anouar Brahem and Michel Godard, the Ensemble Nu:n gives new dynamic. Pure enjoyment, powerful yet subtle." Jazzpodium, Alexander Schmitz, 09/14

CD Estampie Solo


Bonus CD: Falk Zenker „Estampie“ guitar solo
Solo versions of the 8 Estampies Royales including the Ensemble-Nu:n-CD

"Falk Zenker´s new interpretation of the „Estampies Royales“ radiates the force, vigour and modernity which one would normally associate with a contemporary guitarrist such as Ralph Towner. … only very occassionaly does one hear music so simultaneously fresh, ambitious, igniting and in every aspect absolutely timeless. Fantastic!"
Akustik Gitarre, Michael Lohr, 06/07 14

  1. La Prime Estampie Royal   5. La Quinte Estampie Real
  2. La Seconde Estampie Royal   6. La Sexte Estampie Real
  3. La Tierche Estampie Royal   7. La Septime Estampie Real
  4. La Quarte Estampie Royal   8. La Uitime Estampie Real
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CD Estampie

2009, Acoustic Music, 319.1405.2  

CD „Gedankenreise“/ „Journey Of Thoughts“

New Solo CD 2009 Acoustic Music

Falk Zenker – nylon string guitar
and percussion (2,9,10,12), zither (8, 9), harmonic tubes (8, 9), electric guitar with effects (1,2,12), singing bowls (11), kalimba (12)

studio guests:
Florian Mayer – violin (5,4,9)
Christina Meißner – cello (5,4,9,12)
Henrike Schurig – bassoon (5,4,9)

special guest:
Finn Martin - saxophones, percussion (2,6,9)

  1. Intro 1   7. …………… (What would you call it?)
  2. Dance Of The Fairies   8. Intro 9
  3. Intro 4   9. Es zithert
  4. A Breath 10. Lonqomeo (trad.)
  5. The Secret Lover 11. Tango Triste
  6. La Quinta Estampie Real (13.Jh.) 12. Nocturnal Fun With Mozart

all compositions by Falk Zenker except 6,10,12
produced by Falk Zenker and Peter Finger

„Falk Zenker, a classical and jazz guitarist from Weimar, has established himself on the acoustic guitar scene as an outstandingly creative artist with an unmistakable style, be that as a soloist on his albums “Landschaften” (“Landscapes”) and “Cinema”, as a composer of soundtracks for the big screen and television, as the artistic director of his “Ensemble Nu:n”, as sound artist or as an international concert musician.
His new solo album, “Gedankenreise”, (“Journey Of Thoughts”) reveals the broad horizon of a highly expressive instrumentalist with a mature tone, superior technique and a fascinating stylistic vocabulary. In twelve compositions, this experienced guitarist gives a voice to his imagination and manages to convey his “Journey Of Thoughts” to the listener’s reality by means of a nylon string guitar, calimba and a zither. On this third solo album, passionate improvisations mesh with musical colorings inspired from the classical age in Weimar or the early Middle Ages, with sounds from the Mediterranean and Andalusia, with a traditional melody from the Chilean Andes. Together, they amalgamate to form an innovative, artistic concept of acoustic guitar music.
This atmospherically staged “Journey Of Thoughts” is a highly entertaining compositional work of art for acoustic guitar in convincing sound quality. It features a great deal of sensitivity, love of detail and a feeling for dramaturgy, colored by a chamber ensemble-like texture produced by a bassoon, saxophone and cello and with percussion accompaniment. “Journey Of Thoughts” reveals the fascinating world of fantasy of a virtuoso and a self-assured, unique artist – imaginative, personal, masterful.“
Stefan Woldach (Chefredakteur der „Akustik Gitarre“)

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CD Salutare

· 2006
· Raumklang/Harmonia Mundi
· RK 2407

CD+ Ensemble Nu:n „Salutare“

Improvisation on liturgical music of the Middle Ages
released 2006 at Raumklang ( RK 2407

Gert Anklam - saxophones
Rebecca Bain - voice
Katherine Hill - voice
Falk Zenker - guitar, live electronics
  1. Viderunt omnes, Pérotin, um 1200 - 10:46   Viderunt omnes
  2. Factus est Dominus, Gregorianischer Choral - 04:59
  3. O plangens vox, Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179) - 04:47
  4. Crucifixum in carne laudate, Erfurt, um 1390 - 04:07
  5. Hodie aperuit nobis, Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179) - 04:55
  6. Alleluia. Dies sanctificatus, Gregorianischer Choral - 04:00   Alleluia. Dies sanctificatus
  7. De monte lapis scinditur, Frankreich, 12. Jh. - 06:57
  8. Stirps Jesse, Frankreich, 11. Jh. - 02:45
  9. Mater Dei / Mater virgo pia / EIUS, Frankreich, 13. Jh. - 04:22   Mater Dei / Mater virgo pia
10. Benedicamus Domino, Codex Engelberg, 14. Jh. - 04:48
11. Vox clara ecce intonat, Gregorianischer Choral - 03:08   Vox clara ecce intonat
MPEG1 Videosequenz eines Livekonzerts - 05:20
Production: Sebastian Pank (Raumklang) with F. Zenker


"I enter a state between day and night, thoughts and mental pictures flow in lose connection. Suddenly I’m present again and the CD is over. For me, this CD shows once again that improvisation and jazz are thoroughly spiritual... This music is to listen to, to plunge into, to be led away with, and to return refreshed. Meditation... improvisation, these are moments of complete stillness in chaos, grace, sudden freedom and momentary bliss. As though it emanates from oneself and the musician has stopped playing. Every note a gift, every note essential, I will say no more."
Tom John Wolff,, July 2006

"In contrast to Jan Gabareck and the Hilliard Ensemble, these musicians not only play around with the melodies, but vary the material and arrange it into something new." "
SWR, May 2006

"If such a thing were to exist (as it does here), one must call the result a mixture of enormous lightness and at the same time profound precision."
Marcel Schwarzenberger, chronico - Magazine for History

"Recorded in the church of a former monastery, the songs are brought back to the place they originally were meant to be performed... and through new techniques... arrive in the here and now."
Jazzpodium, 7/8 2006

"This is an interesting recording... the taste shown in its realisation."
Juan Carlos Asensio, Goldbergmagazin 1/07, 4 von 5 Sternen

" While it is unfortunate that every time one hears the combination of
medieval melody and saxophone one is instantaneously reminded of Jan
Gabarek, the sensation in this case soon wears off, because these versions
turn the music inside out in a way that neither of the Hillard/ Garbarek
projects did.…The result is mesmerizing"
(hypnotisiserend) Moody, Early Music, England, 02/07

Further information under [Topical] and
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CD Cinema

· 2002
· Acoustic Music/Zomba
· 319.1261.2

CD „Cinema“

released March 2006 at Acoustic Music

Falk Zenker
nylon string, fretless and electric guitar, kalimba, grass harp,
harmonic tubes, percussion, soundscapes


Florian Mayer (1,5,6,9) – violin
Christina Meißner (9) – cello
Daniel Hoffmann (13) – trumpet
Tom Auffarth (1,3,9) – bass guitar, percussion
Merly Donoso (1,3,9,15) – percussion, berimbau
Alfonso Román (3) – cajon
Gabor Schablitzki (13) – loop programming

1. Berlin-Rom-Katmandu Berlin-Rom-Katmandu   9. Insel Insel
2. Miniature 10. Interlude II
3. Spanischer Clown 11. Busca
4. Interlude I 12. Interlude III
5. Introduction (by Florian Mayer) 13. Liquid Cinema Liquide Cinema
6. Grasgeflüster 14. Interlude IV
7. Windspiel 15. Kalimba
8. Introduction

produced by Falk Zenker, executive producer: Peter Finger
recorded at Brühl Studios Weimar by Karsten Fuchs
all compositions by Falk Zenker


„Music for a mental voyage. Rhythmically thrilling, virtuoso, clearly inspired by flamenco and Indian music - but also sweet, wind singing through high grass. Both are as equally convincing as they are moving.“
Folker, 7/8 2002, Rolf Beydemüller

"Zenker’s music enchants, for it gives the imagination a room in which each of us can walk. Or stay still. Discover."
Freie Presse, Mittweida, 23.04.2002

„His tremendous technique allows him to realise everything that springs to his fertile and effervescent musical imagination... gripping and real... at times there is a filmic simultaneity of acoustic impressions, like a deep layering of musical sounds in the foreground and background... Iberian and Ibero-american, Asian and European elements flow in equal measure into each other, musically bridging the cultural gaps.“
Jazzpodium, 10/ 2002, Benno Bartsch

„"Musical moods and images, flamenco themes,... grooves, walls of sound and sampled rhythms complement each other... into a suggestive sound painting of practically visual effect.“
Akustik Gitarre, March 2002, Gregor Hilden

„Highly virtuoso playing that is nonetheless relaxed... tasteful not only the notes, but also the various noises and sounds...“
Concerto/ Österreich, April/ May 2002, Gruen

„In his almost endless ideas kingdom, Falk Zenker presents now his second work "Cinema". And it really does have a cinematic concept with well-placed transitions and themes.“
Frankfurter Neue Rundschau, ?, May 2002

„An African jungle, a barren meadow on a hill, an under water or a dream world – they fill on our inner eye. Movies for the ears.“
TLZ 30.03.2002, Frank Quilitzsch

„Zenker and his guest musicians on violin, cello, bass, trumpet, percussion and sampling, create 15 filigraine miniatures of magical transparency, virtuoso sound collages, interwoven with written poetic inspiration.“
Weimar Kultur Journal, May 2002, Ute van der Sanden

„... for those looking for a personal gift for beloved friends: "Cinema" by Falk Zenker.“
Asphalt, 8/ 2002, Herbert Menge

„Falk Zenker enters his world through sound. His music is not only a careful journey, but at the same time a gift that he has brought back for us from this journey through the world. His music is imbued with transparency at various rates of speed, with lightness, as if repeatedly proffering from its primal stillness an invitation for us to dance.
To the ear, Falk Zenker's performance converges into a broad flow of associations, clear and fresh as water - and at times in its effect it blends into a truly physical remembering. Each note can be completely differentiated within that flow: sounds, tones, sonorities, rhythms, motives all flourish and seem to take on physical shape. But as they fade, you hear your own listening, as you hear the sea in a shell.“
Alissa Walser
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CD Landschaften

· 2000
· Acoustic Music/Zomba
· 319.1208.2

CD Landschaften“ („Landscapes“)

released April 2006 at Acoustic Music
Falk Zenker
guitars, singing saw, live loop sampling, percussion


Ramesh Shotham (3,8,10) - percussion
Udo Hemmann (4,8) - bass
Christina Meißner (8) - cello
Raul Allaga (8) - percussion

1. Landschaften 7. Die alte Burg
2. Augenweite Augenweite 8. Charo
3. Träume 9. Herbstlied
4. Märchenwald 10. Grünes Nebellicht Grünes Nebellicht
5. Mondschein 11. Pictures
6. Die Stadt

recorded at Brühl Studios Weimar by Karsten Fuchs 1999/2000
compositions by Falk Zenker


„... an unbelievable variety of themes, textures and ideas, all the while a spirited whole.“
Akustik Gitarre, 4/2000, Michael Lohr

„Uncommonly expressive, this young German guitarist shows true talent on his first album, entitled "Landschaften", bringing energy and poetry harmoniously together.“
Guitarist (Frankreich), 9/2000, Olivier Galan

„A very personal and poetic acoustic guitar album... impressive ear balm.“
Gitarre & Bass, 7/2000, ds

„Spain, Latin America and Arabia pass through our spirits’ ears. And its all something more and totally different: Falk Zenker, in fact.“
Folker!, 4/2000, Rolf Beydemülle

„... impregnated is the whole with excellent improvisation that shows Falk’s finger agility never lets him down. Music that invites one to lean back and feel.“
Jazzpodium, 02/2001, Benno Bartsch

„Falk Zenker is a formost virtuoso instrumentalist... at times it’s even mythical, what kind of aural images he can create from his acoustic guitar.“
Fuldaer Zeitung, 18.11.00

„Zenker is able to give to the work of art a mood that lifts it from the level of the simply-played, into the spheres where dreams multiply, and longing and idle thoughts abound.“
Weimar Kultur Journal, Mai 2000, Ute van der Sanden

„A CD that is like a vacation.“
OWL am Sonntag, 30.04.2000

„...Op de cd Landschaften krijgen we experimentele geluidslandschappen voorgeschoteld door Falk Zenker en een ensemble me cello, bas en percussie. Behalve gitaar gebruikt Zenker ook samples, zingende zaag en diverse instrumentejes in eigen composities. veel klassieke en Spaanse invloeden, soms wat gefreak, maar bepaald geen opzienbarend gitaarwerk...“
NEWfolkSOUNDS (Holland), Dez/Jan 2000

„An absolute highlight in Peter Finger’s extensive catalogue is the new recording by Falk Zenker.“
Stereoplay, 9/2000, Matthias Inhoffen (Punkte: M: 9,K: 9,R: 8 von 10)

„On this, his first CD, the 33 year-old Zenker comes across as a mature master full of energy, poetry and sensuality.“
Concerto (Österreich), Juni/Juli 2000, gruen (maximale Punktzahl – „hervorragend“)

„Mit Falk Zenker durch die (Klang-)Landschaften
Dieser Gitarrist nimmt uns mit auf die Reise, er lässt uns stets die Bewegungsenergie spüren. Mal aus ethnischen Quellen gespeist, mal vom Drive des Jazz inspiriert, von Perkussion begleitet oder sich selbst auf der Gitarre vorantreibend, entwickelt er ein glänzendes Gespür für dramaturgische Abläufe. So gibt es bei alledem auch Zeit zum Verweilen, lyrische Stimmungen, die sich verräumlichen und manchmal gar die Vorstellung erwecken, als hätte Erik Satie zur Gitarre gegriffen. Dann wieder furiose Steigerung, rhythmisch Pulsierendes, durchsetzt von Akkordschichtungen und singenden Melodielinien. Sinn für Klangschönheit trifft auf jene Neugier, die sich für das Unerwartete und Ungewöhnliche öffnet, so dass sich ein Spannungsverhältnis zwischen dem Vertrauten und Überraschenden aufbaut. Dabei kann sich jede/jeder eigene Vorstellungen machen, obwohl diese Klanglandschaften im Grunde keiner visuellen Imagination bedürfen.
Sie funkeln in sich selbst.“
Leipzig, 29.02.2000, Bert Noglik, MDR

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nahörmal 2011, nh 0411

CD „Das Leben der Hochgräfin Gritta von Rattenzuhausbeiuns“

  Ein Hörspiel für Kinder (,Eltern und Großeltern) nach der gleichnamigen Erzählung von Gisela und Bettina von Arnim

gespielt und erzählt vom Kindersprecherensemble nahörmal
in einer Hörspielbearbeitung von Conny Wolter

mit Musik von Falk Zenker (präparierte Gitarre)

Die Geschichte der Hochgräfin Gritta von Rattenzuhausbeiuns Zusammenschnitt einiger Szenen, 11:34 min
  weitere Informationen auch bei [projekte] [Theater/ Literatur]
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Oscar Andrade
1996, pläne, 88782
  nicht mehr im deutschen Handel

CD Oscar Andrade „Desde la luz

The prominent Chilean singer Oscar Andrade (3 platinum and 1 gold albums) recorded this CD with Zenker, Chilean percussionist Raúl Aliaga (winner of the "Best Percussionist of the Last 10 Years in Chile" prize), and guest guitarist Thomas Fellow in the Bauerstudio in Ludwigsburg. Falk Zenker toured with Oscar Andrade from 1992 to 1999.

Oscar Andrade - vocals, steel string guitar
Falk Zenker - nylon string guitar, singing saw, kalimba
Raúl Aliaga - drums, percussion
Thomas Günther (Fellow) (4,6,7) - nylon string guitar


1. Noches de Paris 5. Desde la luz
2. Plus Juan Perfecto  Plus Juan Perfecto 6. Trialèctica
3. Con Amor  Con Amor 7. Dimensiones
4. Un Latino en Ettersburg 8. Inmortal

All compositions by Oscar Andrade, and produced by Oscar Andrade
Recorded at the Bauerstudio Ludwigsburg in 1994 and 1996


"Brasilian elegance pairs up with dramatic chamber music"
Stereoplay 5/96, Audiophile CD of the month‚ (I: 9, K: 9, R: 9)

"A small masterpiece of the century; a pop recording of superb taste with
at least one world hit."
Folk-Michel 4/96

"Oscar Andrade combines the romantic lyrics of the likes of Milton Nascimento and the subtelty of of Caetano Velosa with the exuberance of Gilberto Gil and the virtuosic wit of Joáo Bosco. Not that Andrade sounds anything like a poor cousin to these masters; on the contrary, he has a great deal of compositional finesse."
Jazzthing, 11, 1996


"Es gelten die Vorschriften des deutschen Urheberrechts in seiner jeweiligen Fassung.
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sind, bleiben vorbehalten. Ohne ausdrückliche Genehmigung durch die GEMA darf
eine weitergehende Nutzung der Werke, über das Anhören der eingestellten
Musikwerke hinaus, nicht erfolgen."
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