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ensemble nu:n

ensemble nu:n

Ensemble Nu:n

Ensemble Nu:n "Music from the Road to Santiago"


Medieval Music in the Here and Now

Gert Anklam (Berlin) - saxophones · Rebecca Bain und Katherine Hill (Kanada) - voice
Falk Zenker (Weimar) - guitar and live electronics

Since its founding in 2003, Ensemble Nu:n's mission has been to blend the timeless beauty and spiritual power of Gregorian chant and Romanesque & Gothic polyphony with modern improvisation and experimental sound, thereby building a bridge from the very roots of Western music to the here and now.
The road to Santiago de Compostela in north-western Spain was one of the three great pilgrimages of the Middle Ages. In recent years, it has seen a renewed popularity. Falk Zenker, Ensemble Nu:n founder and guitarist, is himself a Santiago pilgrim. He and his three fellow musicians present a program of musical treasures from medieval monasteries on the various routes throughout Europe to Compostela, as well as from Santiago's own 12th century manuscript, the Codex Calixtinus. While their interpretations are respectful of historical detail and context, the songs are presented from the ensemble's unique musical perspective, with all the curiosity and spirit of the discoverer - modern pilgrims, whose personal sense of spirituality has lead them on a medieval journey.

The ensemble consists of Canadian singers Rebecca Bain (Montreal) and Katherine Hill (Toronto), leading experts in historical music, whose masterly voices fuse unequivocally with the powerful virtuoso saxophone-playing of Gert Anklam (Berlin) and guitarist Falk Zenker's (Weimar) impressive atmospheric sound. "Nu:n" proposes music from a forgotten time, rendered authentic and yet fresh and surprisingly new. A play on time, stretching the boundaries of the performance space, and of the audience's listening expectations.

Concert critics:

"A fabulous medieval creature from sandstone comes to life, snarls, and whips its tail dangerously. The creature softens as sweet singing is heard. Rather than a fabulous creature, the saxophonist Gert Anklam appears on stage. The musical presentation is supported by guitarist Falk Zenker, who moments later enters into dialogue with the sax and singers Rebecca Bain and Katherine Hill. Musical worlds, separated by centuries, come together."
Helga Heilig, Naumburger Tagblatt, 07.11.03

"It was deeply moving music, filled with longing, intelligent but light-hearted, sprinkled with humour, and the audience enjoyed it thoroughly. Transfixed and transported to another world, at times it felt as though one was floating..."
G. Meyer, Ostthüringer Zeitung, 10.11.03

"The concert was delightfully made up of continuous live experiments, bringing together ancient ritual music and modern performance practice."
Thüringer Allgemeine, 02.08.05

"Sound coming from all corners, it almost seems as if the old walls are vibrating…past and present unite in the moment… The applause is never ending. "Wonderful" is whispered through the audience. The musicians must bow repeatedly: another moment in the here and now…"
Freies Wort, 01.08.05

Hörbeispiele Audio Samples: [cd]
Further information and a concert video www.ensemblenun.com
Klanginstallationen - Imaginata Jena, Christus-Pavillon Volkenroda, Kyffhäuser, Klangtor

Installations for Rooms

Rooms, buildings or outside areas are venues for a set-up of loud speakers playing sound compositions. The resulting three dimentional aural landscapes can be listened to while the audience walks through and around the space/area.

Falk Zenker never uses pre-existing sounds, but rather develops a separate idea for each space, reflecting its specific meaning, function, history and architecture. The other possibility for an installation uses clay objects created by Petra Töppe-Zenker and the sounds associated with and produced by them.

1999 – "In einem Buchenwald", Gedenkstätte Buchenwald/ Weimar
2000 – erstmals "Installation aus weißen Schirmen, Licht und Klängen" Ettersburg/Weimar
2002 – "Wie weit reicht der Blick", Kyffhäuserturm, Bad Frankenhausen
2003 – Klangtor (Klangobjekt mit Petra Töppe-Zenker), Imaginata, Jena
2004 – "Klangspuren", Imaginata Jena und "Innenklang", Christus-Pavillon in Volkenroda
2007 – Kloster Göllingen (bei Bad Frankenhausen) "Singende Glocken"
2008 - Künstlerhaus Vorpommern Heinrichsruh "Räume erinnern sich"

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